…going back to cali…

Not yet, but we are. I am.

My husband, bless him… entertains a lot of my ridiculous ideas. I don’t think this one was very ridiculous. It seems economical and really good for us as a family. Buying a travel trailer and living in it for a year on the road sounds amazing – and equally as terrifying.

We are a blended family of 4. My husband Adam and his daughter, and me (Brittany) and my son. My son is with us full-time, but Adams daughter is here (If we’re lucky) 4 days a month. Currently, we’re living in Tulsa, OK but I’m from California. Everyone else is born and raised Okies.

I spent a majority of my life moving from city to city – state to state. Whether it was because my parents were like gypsies or because I got bored orrr more than likely because I was totally broke and irresponsible. Either way, I’m now a 31 year old mom and wife and have spent the last 6 years of my life wasting away in Oklahoma. It’s not all bad, I mean we did buy a house for under $100,000 and its really cute. I have made some wonderful, sweet, supportive friends. I learned a lot about myself and where I’m going with my life.

…… but let’s be real. A liberal, atheist in Oklahoma is not exactly easy.

So here we are. Last month, we made the final decision and have started the planning process. If everything goes well, we will set out by August 2017. In the obessive amount of research I’ve been doing, one thing I am NOT finding is where people were when they started. How did you make the decision? What did you do to prepare? So, I figured I would do just that.

I might be wrong, or going about things in a way that makes it more difficult, but all I can do is keep reading and keep trying. Hopefully my screw ups will save someone else some time. ozark-adventure-3-of-4

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