We’re Outta Here!

Funny story… we just up and decided to sell the house and move. Now.

Actually, it’s not really that funny. See, my husband is a mailman. For a few years, he was a sub and made decent money. He got at least 10 hours of overtime a week, but usually more, worked 6 days a week. When Christmas came around the checks were fantastic! But then something terrible happened. HE GOT PROMOTED. Sounds crazy, right? Now he is strictly on evaluated time. 43 hours a week, but I guarantee he works close to 55 because his route wasn’t counted even though its probably busted twice over. Anyways… we lost about 1000/month.


That basically killed us. We couldn’t afford the mortgage anymore, to the point that the bank started the process to foreclose.

Trying not to freak out, we figured out how long we had to attempt selling the house on our own – before the bank did it for us. We had a few weeks. Maybe a month. So, we did it. Spent a solid week fixing everything possible, repainting, everything. We decided to use whatever we got from the sale of the house to just buy the trailer and go. This was a little more rushed than I would like, but you know what? I don’t fucking care. I AM LEAVING OKLAHOMA. And, in March of all months. We might be crazy.



The good part about this is, i’ve already gotten calls for interviews, we’re going to be in a more affordable part of California, Adam is in the process of getting transferred to an office there. Everything is going smoothly, and I am thankful. It’s not EASY, but it’s all kind of falling into place. That is a massive relief because I don’t think we could handle the kind of luck we had in 2016.

If you saw any of the previous posts, you’d see we did a phase one purge. This then encouraged a 2nd one. So, here are some updated photos of the house. HUGE difference, right? I’m happy with it. Actually, I like this house now. :-/ I’m kinda sad to leave it.

It’s really amazing what letting go of your crap can do for your soul. Even as a creative with hoarding tendencies, I feel so much better. Clean up takes almost no time at all anymore. We don’t have clutter.

Anyways, I love being able to transition slowly like this into trailer life. I was very much a “Love Things” kind of person. I see the err in that now.

So, wish us luck on selling the house! We’re gone by March!