I marched. It was awesome.

I’ve been back for 5 days already, but I really needed some time to rest! Sometimes I feel like my 30s is really catching up with me.

Either way, some pretty amazing things happened while out there.

We got in to Regan International around 6 on Friday the 20th, and made our way to the Metro. Which, is the cleanest mass transit system I have seen in a long time. Ha! Traveled out to the very last stop and met my friend, where we went further out into Virginia. First, I have never been to Virginia and I AM IN LOVE. I like trees, and outside Northern California, I’m pretty sure I found my 2nd home. You know, for when I’m rich and stuff. 😛

Saturday morning we all got up really early to make our way into D.C. As soon as we get to the Metro station, the line to get into the platform was so long! But, everyone was happy and chatting with each other, there were random yells of excitement and then everyone would join in. Signs everywhere. It took us about 45 minutes to get on a train.

Before you get any further in this, I would like to point out that I am working on a project to document Activism in 2017 and create a book to sell for the benefit of Women’s Health and Environmental organizations. Check out my IndieGoGo here.

The ride in was.. cramped? Lets just say you could fall asleep standing up because you really didn’t need to hold yourself up. No but really… Meet Caroline – The girl who can sleep ANYWHERE. Oh, and there’s me – Apparently I was going for a goth Where’s Waldo look. Totally in.

Alright, so we finally get into the city. We left the train like an exploding can of crescent rolls and quickly made our way up the escalator. As soon as you leave the station, you feel it. There was this thing in the air. Already hundreds of people around, but they are just so happy. Everyone saying “Excuse me” or “I’m sorry”. No pushing, no anger. Just joy.
There’s laughing children and I see a little girl blowing bubbles with her siblings. Moms and dads wearing their tiny babies, men shouting “It’s not locker room talk!”

As we walk a little further, the crowd thickens and suddenly you can barely see a beginning and an end. The sounds from the stage where Ashley Judd, Madonna and the likes are echoing through the tall buildings and you actually had no idea where the stage was. But, people didn’t care. They crowded in so closer together and just stood. Yelling, chanting. One guy even climbed stage equipment. Now, I’m pretty sure he was a stage hand, but it was pretty funny watching him take selfies.

Once the march finally starts, it feels like we get a little bit of room to spread out. We walked for what felt like forever, but apparently it was only maybe 1/4 of the scheduled route. Then it started getting cold. I don’t know who decided to claim it was going to be 50, but I know 50. I also totally voted against my North Face coat for fear that I’d get too hot in the crowed. I’ll tell you, a windbreaker is NOT enough. In cause you were wondering… because I may not be the only person in the world to plan poorly.

The whole march, you made friends everywhere you went – even introverts like myself. I made a bathroom friend from Portland! Ha!

We were pretty exhausted by the end of the day, but were able to get this crazy delicious dinner at National Museum of African American History. The Sweet Home Cafe in there… I’m still dreaming of the food. We were able to walk around a bit, but at the time we had made it in there, our bodies decided we were done.

And most of the ride back home on the Metro was quiet, we ACTUALLY got seats! And, we just spent quite a bit of time going through photos and relaxing. Still enjoying the sounds of those hollering in praise from the day.

In all, the day was incredible and I’m hard pressed to explain just how amazing it was. Its difficult to put into words the feeling you get when you’re surrounded by 1 million + people and you feel completely at peace. I mean, there were zero arrests for the day so, that says something, right? lol

How lucky were we all to have been able to be apart of this incredible piece of history?